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Our mission and belief

Work as an impetus in getting maintainable change the lives of underprivileged youngsters, youth and ladies, with an actual existence cycle approach of advancement. Empower the common society over the world to connect proactively in the change procedure through the reasoning of community-driven change. Receive the most elevated guidelines of administration to rise as a main information and innovation-driven, creative and adaptable universal improvement association.

Donate Dreams believes that unless the members from the common society are not proactively participating during the work progress, economical change won't occur. Donate Dreams sharpens the common society with the strong goal it embarks with a firm belief that with all sort of support and hard work, we together can bring the desired change in the society.

Make Donation
Help us by donating

Giving a helping hand to the ones in need is a great matter of pride and bravery. Our mission is to ensure that every grain of cooked food reaches an empty stomach. Minimize the food wastage by creating the channel for effective utilization of food as a resource.

Become a Volunteer

As a volunteer, you will learn not just about the needs of other people, you will also get to explore more about your own needs and you will examine that in helping others, you get to know yourself. It also gives a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind which in turn brings the good fortune.

Lets work together

Our organization is planning to build
a TOOL that will connect restaurants
and supermarkets with consumers in a
hope to cut down on waste by allowing restaurants to sell food that they otherwise would have thrown away at knock-down prices.

Become A Volunteer

As Volunteer, you will learn not just about the needs of other people, you will also learn more about your own needs and you will observe that in helping others, you help yourself most of all. A Volunteer can be of any age since there is no age to begin with. No preferred social castes, salary specification, degree and the work experience. All that matter here is the dedication, sincerity and goodwill about the social cause that one does wholeheartedly. Another factor that require here is commitment to the sustained efforts with the organisation.” So if you wish to be a genuine part of this amazing journey for the social cause that we do.

Volunteer with us.