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Helping Women in need!

Playing multiple roles in families, women have already proven their worth, but still their condition on social and economical fronts has not been up to the mark and
in many parts of the world they are forced to lead a miserable life. In such a scenario, it calls for immediate attention to empower them and create conducive
environment for their social and economic upliftment.


Donate Dreams Women Program goal is to provide space to women those who are experiencing violence, discrimination, injustice, and consequent emotional and mental distress, so they can heal and take control of their lives. Each year we will be helping estimated approximately 100,000 women through microloans, vocational training, and other skill-building programs that help them start small businesses and financially support their families. These women and young girls have a voice and they need to be heard.

"If we can save even ONE woman from domestic violence, ONE woman from the claws of leukemia by finding a bone marrow donor, send ONE brilliant but needy student to school, motivate even ONE brilliant girl to follow her dreams to pursue graduate studies . . . we will consider our mission accomplished and our campaign a good investment."

Gift a woman with the skills and training she needs to create a better life for her family.

Education for Every Child

Poverty is a kind of punishment you get for the crime you haven’t committed. One of the biggest contributors to global poverty is the lack of access to education.


We know how difficult it is for children in poverty to overcome the obstacles they face and how much
it is challenging of them to escape their circumstances. In order to effectively fight poverty around the sphere, the lack of education for children must be addressed. Giving education, teaching the poor, making them aware of their rights and duties sounds astounding. Isn’t it?

We at Donate Dreams, aim to work for the education and bright future of the ones that are unable to fulfill their education due to the poor background/financial conditions. We aspire to work for the betterment of the meager ones since giving something you already have more to the ones that have less brings out the contentment in oneself and a feeling of pride. It gives a sense of satisfaction when we give a helping hand to somebody. Donate Dreams envisions making certain visible changes that would bring good fortune to the community members.


International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) to draw attention to a problem that has been present in the world for centuries and is endemic in all developing countries: hunger. It is an undeniable fact that a significant proportion of the population goes hungry
on many days of the year. Why should the government deny this depressing fact, unless it has developed
the habit of denying anything that is an inconvenient truth?


Every year, some countries are added and some countries are dropped, presumably because of availability or non-availability of data. The Good and the Bad, the question that we have to ask ourselves is, why was Australia not able to maintain the trend of improvement that we are witness every day. Every government must be held responsible for the good and the bad, and so is the present government. The Global Hunger Index is calculated based on the proportion of the population that is undernourished; prevalence of wasting and stunting among children below the age of five; and the under-five mortality rate.

The reason for both the improvement and the deterioration is food — its availability, affordability
and accessibility. People must have adequate food, everything else is secondary. Australia produces
enough food for its people, but not all people get enough food to eat. That is the paradox. While many
interventions were made — some achieved moderate success.


Homeless people are the wanderers who suffer a serious condition of a feeling of shelter insecurity. People who are homeless are unable to secure and maintain a safe housing. Homelessness can target anyone who is going through the poverty sufferance.


Many people just wanna get off the hook from the social issues as they are not yet targeted by the same. There is a strong need to understand the situations of those outcaste people who hardly get the basic amenities for their survival. Let’s come forward making the outcast happy in all the best way we can.

This incredible country of marvelous power and abundant resources is losing the fight against homelessness. People can be seen in the corners of each city in Australia holding an "I will work for food" sign. Donate Dreams understands that homelessness is a complex issue and stands to make a difference in the lives of the homeless by addressing the issues of housing, poverty and education.

Become A Volunteer

As Volunteer, you will learn not just about the needs of other people, you will also learn more about your own needs and you will observe that in helping others, you help yourself most of all. A Volunteer can be of any age since there is no age to begin with. No preferred social castes, salary specification, degree and the work experience. All that matter here is the dedication, sincerity and goodwill about the social cause that one does wholeheartedly. Another factor that require here is commitment to the sustained efforts with the organisation.” So if you wish to be a genuine part of this amazing journey for the social cause that we do.

Volunteer with us.